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Other AI use cases delivered by kuroz

Venue Discovery

We use machine learning to improve the restaurant search results. We can recommend the best restaurant based on your mood, past order history and current location. This is leap years ahead as compared to the location based or discount based listingsmost of the apps provide. kuroz brings personalized discovery to a whole new level.



Priority Reservations

Reservation platforms available in the market today do not have any consumption data and only a few have personal data. Some have reviews but it’s not necessarily linked to consumption. At kuroz we take reservations seriously. Using our AI technology, we provide merchants an accurate view of their priority guests and seating preferences thus helping them to serve better.

Menu Engineering

Based on user order history, serving times, pricing, reviews and ratings, kuroz machine learning models can predict which items can be best sellers for a certain set of customers with great accuracy. This helps F&B merchants to increase revenues by focusing on what sells best for their clientele’s and reduce operational costs by reducing food waste. The algorithm can predict ahead of time the likelihood of items being sold out and auto enable/disable items on the user screen.



Pricing Sensitivity Analysis

Based on various pricing models enabled by the kuroz platform - Regular menu, Happy hour, Offers , i-bar, Takeaway and Delivery - our machine learning algorithms can look for patterns in how the items performed at different price levels and recommend the best pricing for the items to optimize sales and revenues

Marketing Personalization

kuroz platform helps F&B merchants understand their customers better so that they can serve them targeted promotions and offers based on consumer preferences. Our machine learning algorithms allows for customer segmentation and individualization for achieving high levels of relevancy and customization.



Offer Redemptions

Gone are days of haggling with the waiters/servers for promotions and offer redemptions with tricky terms and conditions. kuroz offers “1-click “offer redemption with no strings attached. kuroz automates the important manual tasks of offer validation using smart algorithms, saving you time and money while modernizing the way you serve your customers. This enables the operations staff to focus on the core task of talking care of the customers.

Live (In-cart) Recommendations

At kuroz we use Intelligent machine learning algorithm that analyzes customer activity and compares it to the millions of other users to determine what he/she might like to buy while he/she is in his/her ordering cart. These recommendations get smarter all the time, recognizing, for example, that you may prefer to pair a certain type of drink and food based on a multitude of data sets.



Reviews and Help Menu using Natural Language Processing

Users can't write fake reviews and can't boost ratings on this platform because reviews and feedback on kuroz are captured soon after the service. We use machine learning algorithms with natural language processing that can understand the colloquial words. This helps us to quickly route customers to the information they need and many cases resolve the issues automatically. This has led to a high level of customer satisfaction improvement.

Customer Loyalty based on Predictive Analytics

Customer retention strategies are at the heart of kuroz machine learning platform. We provide a deep understanding of customer behavior and purchasing behavior that allows F&B merchant to optimize their marketing campaigns, improve customer experiences, and enhance retention and loyalty. We look beyond reward programs to delight, create and retain loyal customers. With kuroz your customers can rely on a consistent experience, which in turn creates confidence and drives loyalty.