Partner Program

Media Partner

Media Partner Program

Kuroz platform provides the state of the art reservations, ordering and gifting platform for your users. The KurozPartner program is a great way to supplement your website's offerings and earn incremental revenue user signups and reservations made through your site. The KurozPartner program is seeking partners with the following types of Singapore-based websites:

  • F&B blogs and online communities
  • Local Magazine, newspaper, F&B content websites
  • Local listings/ Directories of F&B business
  • Entertainment listings and websites

How it works:

  • Fill in the form below to express your interest.
  • Once we have signed the partnership agreement, we will provide you with a custom "Partner code" and "KurozReserve" button and link for each of our restaurants
  • You can place the partner code, buttons and links on your website aligned with restaurant or group of restaurants you are promoting
  • When users register using your "Partner code" , you will be credited a referral fee according to the agreement.
  • When users reserve a table using the "KurozReserve" button/link on your website, you will be credited with a referral fee according to the agreement.

Media Partner with us